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    We are ADVENTURE ARCHITECTS, and we offer design, construction and management of adventure parks and children playgrounds.

    Since 2009 we design, construct and administrate tree top adventure parks:
    – In 2009 we designed and built our first adventure park in Druskininkai resort, which became the biggest adventure park in the Baltic states.

    - In 2010 we opened UNO Park in Vilnius and provided the city with a cosy area for fun outdoor activities.

  • - In 2011 having won a public tender of Kazlu Ruda municipality we designed and built an adventure park with 4 tracks in the public city park.

    - In 2012 having won the public tender of Klaipeda city municipality, together with partners, we built a new adventure park in Klaipeda.

    - In 2012 we designed and built new area for kids at the Druskininkai Aqua park.

    - In 2012 we presented an indoor mini adventure park set in a playground of ‘Akropolis’ – the biggest shopping and entertainment center in vilnius.

    - In 2013 we designed, built and managed “UNO Park” in Kaunas and “SPLIUS Adventure Park” in Siauliai.

  • More about us: www.unoparks.eu

    Let’s say hello (if interested in construction projects):
    +370 677 71047


  • Do you know that from the year 2009 we organize team-building activities?
    What’s so special about tree-top adventures?
    •  Thrilling yet safe experience available for everyone regardless of their physical fitness.
    •  Opportunity to conquer your fear of heights and try out extreme physical and mental concentration.
    •  Boosts self-esteem.

    Team-building for companies and organizations

    Tree-climbing develops one’s inner motivation as well as a strong sense of collective unity.
    •   Inside communication: how does it work inside a team?
    •  Leadership: who is the boss here?
    •  Crisis control: what should be done when the sky is falling down?
    Our activities take place on the ground and in the trees. The final scenario is approved after talking to the representative of the firm/organization.
    Having lots of experience and a bunch of satisfied clients, we invite you to join in!

  • Team-building for school/university students

    An entertaining way to strengthen friendship ties with your peers.
    •   Useful things to know: things I can eat in the forest.
    •   How to have a good time together in the trees and on the ground?
    •   The program is developed by professionals: survival instructor, adjutant of the Lithuanian Scouts Association and our high-scalers.

    Program scenario is adjusted to the requests and abilities of the group.

    Children birthdays

    Celebrate your big day worry-free – we will offer you a complete scenario.
    •  Get set-Ready-Go: who will catch the Invisible Squirrel?
    •  Chill-out: survival in nature while playing, learning to use hiking equipment.

  • Fun and entertaining celebration is not the only goal we aim at – development of motoric skills and friendliness towards nature and each other is also very important.


    Stag/Hen’s parties

    Lots of loud music and bright lights – we offer non the above but we can guarantee plenty of fun, screaming and ambiguous situations.
    Possible scenarios: ‘Hunt for Pocahontas’, ‘&*&@^# trail’ and other we don’t dare to list here :)
    Contact us for details!
    Programs are available for groups of 12 or more people.
    All year round, every day and even every night. In Vilnius, Kaunas, Siauliai and Druskininkai. We will take care of everything: food, accommodation, transport, participation in your events.
    Let us know!

    +370 601 92282

  • I want to, but I'm afraid!

    Start on the easiest course to challenge your fears. Height is perceived differently in the dark, so we suggest to begin your friendship with the trees during the nighttime.

  • Is it safe?

    Your safety is our number one priority! Emotions is what makes climbing such an extreme experience. The height makes obstacles look more complicated than they realy are. Our clients are supplied with professional climbing equipment, instructed by qualified staff and observed during the session.
    Of course, clients must follow all safety instructions and don’t exceed their physical limits.

  • Is it physically hard?

    Our courses are of different levels – from the beginners to the pros. Start your tree top adventure on the Green trail and try to reach your limits.

  • Isn’t it too cold in winter?

    Winter is as suitable for active outdoor sports as any other season! Suitable sportswear and good mood is all you need. It’s worth to keep in mind that adrenaline and physical activity will surely keep you warm in cold weather.

  • Is it allowed to climb during rain?

    Yes, while your clothing and footwear suits the weather. We have clients who prefer bad weather for the ultimate experience!

  • What are the age restrictions?

    Children trails are suitable for toddlers who just recently started walking. We are not surprised with senior clients either, so the height (145 cm for adult courses) is the only restriction.

    Children younger than 14, has to be accompanied by parents or a responsible person, or they have to have a permission of parents/foster-parents, confirmed with a signature. If instructors have a doubt that permission is falsified, they have right not to allow a child climb routes.


  • What should I wear?

    Tree climbing is quite an intense activity. That’s why we suggest you to choose clothes that breathe well and do not restrict body movement. Avoid slippery footwear and don’t forget to bring your gloves, although we provide our clients with disposable ones.

  • Do you work at night?

    With pleasure, If you make your reservations in advance. Dark distorts height perception and climbing with a headlamp makes everything look mysterious and chilling. Night climbing is a great present for the experienced type. And a fantastic date, to tell the truth…

  • Is there anything besides climbing?

    Our parks are open spaces for everyone. We don’t mind friendly pets and allow taking pictures in our parks. We take a minimal fee for reservation of tents for those who choose not to climb.

  • Do you have a place to eat?

    So far we have a cafe in UNO adventure park that works during the warm season where you can have a snack or drink. You are more than welcome to bring your food and chill out in our summerhouses, on the ground and in the trees.

  • Do you provide child supervision?

    Mindful instructors constantly supervise children engaged in course challenges. The parents can accompany their children by following them on the ground or engaging in climbing activities themselves. We also offer personal instructor services.

  • Do you accept groups?

    There’s no doubt – the more the merrier! Each park can provide activities for 50 – 100 people at a time. We would appreciate if you could notify us in advance so we can properly prepare for your reception.